Front Foot Podiatry

Collecting Shoes for Planet Earth

Front Foot Podiatry’s owner Sophie Winterbourn’s wish for Christmas this year is to gift people in need their own pair of running shoes.

Front Foot Podiatry has teamed up with Sydney based charity Shoes for Planet Earth who work together with local and international communities to provide recycled running shoes to those without. Distribution of the shoes once collected goes to homeless shelters, youth and crisis centres.

“What Shoes for Planet Earth do is fantastic,” says Winterbourn, “often we take shoes for granted and it’s inspiring to see people, especially kids thrilled to be given shoes from this charity that enables them to participate in play with confidence”.

Winterbourn is calling on any running shoes that are no longer required, children and adults. The requirement is for shoes in good condition, with laces and no holes in the souls. Drop off point for shoes is Yass Wellness Centre at 74 Rossi Street.

From here Winterbourn will distribute the shoes to local Yass charities for people who do not have access to new running shoes.

Winterbourn is all about community, moving to Yass in 2011 to open her Front Foot Podiatry practice. Working from her clinic in Yass Wellness Centre she is motivated by helping people and providing expert foot and lower limb care to her community.

“Growing up in a rural New Zealand, access to specialist healthcare was infrequent; you could wait months to see a travelling Physiotherapist or Podiatrist,” says Winterbourn, “That’s what motivated me to start my own clinic in a regional area, I wanted to provide a regular, accessible health service.”

Keeping on moving and your feet healthy is a philosophy adventure enthusiast Winterbourn lives by and this Christmas she will be taking her own shoes across the planet to embark on a three week trek challenge in the Annapurna range in the Himalaya’s.