Front Foot Podiatry

Footwear Range

As a podiatrist and trained shoe fit specialist I’m passionate about great footwear because so many of the causes of common foot problems originate in ill-fitting or inappropriate shoes.

When you visit Front Foot Podiatry, you will be advised and fitted with great footwear that will correct and prevent a number of foot ailments.


Brands that I stock:


Doctor Comfort

Dr Comfort is the leading provider of diabetic footwear.


Revere Footwear

Revere Footwear is designed in collaboration with leading footwear experts.


I happily stock both brands and work with you to find the best fitting, supportive shoe.


Other brands I love:


Bared Footwear

Designed by a style-conscious podiatrist, the bared footwear range has all the features of good support and comfort, without anyone knowing you’re wearing “sensible shoes.” Visit the Bared Footwear site to browse the range.



Designed to aid the treatment and prevention of heel or arch pain, plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia, FRANKiE4 is another firm favourite. Visit the FRANKiE4 website to learn more.



Fashionable and orthotic-friendly shoes, crafted with your comfort and wellbeing in mind. Check out the style tips too while you browse the range.