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Your guide to a SPRING free from foot pain.

SPRINGTIME BRINGS WARM WEATHER, AND WHILE YOUR SANDALS AND REGULAR PEDICURES SEEM LIKE A WELCOME TREAT AFTER A LONG WINTER, THEY MAY POSE MORE PROBLEMS THAN YOU REALISE. Warm weather is a great excuse to show off your feet and polished toes, but flimsy flip-flops are one of the common causes of heel pain. Heel […]

Spring into action!

Reveal those Winter Feet From slogging through snow, ice, and slush to being confined in heavy boots to fight the cold—if your feet could talk, what a tale of winter woe they might tell. You may be tempted to pull your sandals out of the closet and stuff your heaviest hosiery to the back of […]

Why your Podiatrist hates ballet flats

Yes, it’s true. So many of my female patients are shocked to hear I don’t approve of their flats. Listen, they can often be the lesser of two evils when compared to sky-high stiletto heels, but that doesn’t mean that all flats are created equal. Not all flats are BAD. Take a look at this […]

Diabetes and the Feet.

People with diabetes risk serious and disabling foot complications and even amputation. Recent research has shown that the risk for these complications is greatly reduced with good blood sugar levels. Podiatrist can give much help to feet in diabetes. Diabetes may affect the feet in two ways. Firstly, the nerves which enable you to feel […]

Children and Sport

  All parents know that children take to sports like ducks to water. Almost as soon as they start to walk, they’re chasing balls, swinging sticks, and running races against nobody in particular. Children’s sports used to mean cricket, basketball, or football. That’s changed. Soccer has leapt onto the youth sports scene, as have wrestling, […]

The ultimate way to enjoy movement as medicine

Your body was intricately designed to move freely, fluidly and with ease. Movement is an important and effective natural medicine to prevent and treat many of today’s illnesses, and conditions. The research is strong and compelling. The secret to moving more is the mindset or approach from which we move. So how can you move […]

These Feet Were Made For Walking

Our feet are designed for walking, the 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments in the foot are gently exercised by walking. Walking releases feel good endorphins and strengthens the heart and lungs. Walking is the most ancient exercise and still the best, it requires no gym subscription, no spandex, […]

Collecting Shoes for Planet Earth

Front Foot Podiatry’s owner Sophie Winterbourn’s wish for Christmas this year is to gift people in need their own pair of running shoes. Front Foot Podiatry has teamed up with Sydney based charity Shoes for Planet Earth who work together with local and international communities to provide recycled running shoes to those without. Distribution of the […]