Front Foot Podiatry

Your body was intricately designed to move freely, fluidly and with ease.

Movement is an important and effective natural medicine to prevent and treat many of today’s illnesses, and conditions. The research is strong and compelling.

The secret to moving more is the mindset or approach from which we move.

So how can you move more consistently?  By re-connecting to your natural state of play and curiosity to rediscover what inspires and excites you to move.  You will only move more and feel good about it if you are inspired to do so.

It’s time for a shift in perspective. Rather than exercise driven by fear or hate of your weight or your body, move instead to feel good, vibrant and alive. Instead of moving because you have to, do it because you want to.

Imagine moving joyfully inspired to curiously explore your creativity or environment.  Dance, play, skip, walk, swim, explore with all of your senses engaged and bask in the beauty and richness of this sensory experience. This perspective will allow you to find your way back to that natural place of inspiration within you.

Get inspired to move and you’ll find your own unique form of movement medicine. There’s no one blueprint for us all. We are unique individuals. What inspires me to move will be different to all of you. Just as what inspires me to move today is different to yesterday and last year. I find my inspiration through connection to nature, connecting in my community, knowing it’s cleansing my body, clearing my lymphatic system, clearing my head and keeping my energy levels high to sustain me throughout the day.

Take the pressure off yourself and make your new goal to move with inspiration.